Dr. Arbi Ismailyan

Dr. Arbi Ismailyan
Dr. Arbi Ismailyan's passion for dentistry is driven by his desire to improve the community's oral health and restore confidence through aesthetic smile makeovers. With eight years of experience since graduating in 2015, he specializes in cosmetic dentistry, surgical procedures, root canals, and crown/bridge work, prioritizing patient comfort throughout.What sets Dr. Ismailyan's dental practice apart is its commitment to exceptional patient care and experience. With a welcoming environment, highly trained providers, and a cohesive team, they deliver high-quality dental services and build lasting relationships with patients.

Practicing dentistry brings Dr. Ismailyan joy as he positively impacts lives by relieving pain and enhancing self-confidence. He values continuous learning and values the relationships formed with his team and patients.

Dr. Ismailyan gives back to the community by providing excellent care to all, including underserved individuals. His patient care philosophy revolves around a patient-centered approach, personalized experiences, empathy, respect, effective communication, and pain management.

As a locally owned and operated family practice, Dr. Arbi Ismailyan and his team are dedicated to transforming smiles and improving lives through their compassionate dental care.
Fun Facts
Loves exploring national parks.
Huge sports fan!
You can always find him spending time with my family.
Enjoys listening to self-improvement podcasts.